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PREMINT Adds Support for Polygon Token Ownership as an Entry Requirement

Preminte users rejoice! PREMINT users now have the option to enter raffles and allowlists by owning 0xPolygon tokens. This feature allows users to take part in raffles and allowlists easier while making sure that only eligible and genuine users can enter.

PREMINT can be integrated with Polygon, which means it is immediately compatible with the 3.5million wallets that have used the platform. This integration makes it possible for users not to have to worry about compatibility issues when participating in raffles and allowlists.

PREMINT is well-known for its innovative solutions. This latest addition to the company’s portfolio is no exception. This integration with Polygon aims to make it easier to take part in raffles and allowlists. It also ensures that only eligible users are allowed to enter. This integration is a significant step towards making the platform more fair and inclusive.

The addition of Polygon support for PREMINT is a significant step forward for both the platform and its users. This feature will allow users to take part in raffles and allowlists more easily, while ensuring that only qualified users can enter. This new feature is available to PREMINT users. You can now participate in raffles or allowlists.