Turn Your LUNA into stLUNA and Reap Dual Benefits of Staking and DeFi Yields with Stride

Stride, a Cosmos based DeFi platform, announced the launch stLUNA. It is a staked derivative to the popular cryptocurrency, LUNA. stLUNA allows users to earn both staking returns and DeFi investments. This makes it a versatile and unique investment option in crypto.

Stride has partnered with many key players in the DeFi/cryptocurrency ecosystems such as Astroport, Demexchange and Shade Protocol. This integration will increase stLUNA’s liquidity and expose it to the wider market. Stride also took several steps to secure stLUNA. These included code audits by three different firms and an ongoing bug bounty program.

Stride offers 7,500 STRD tokens daily as incentives to increase the liquidity of the stLUNA pool via Astroport. Stride is working hard to increase its presence in Terra’s ecosystem. This includes integration of StationWallet, and the ability for Terra to connect stLUNA with Terra via the Terra bridge.

Stride will distribute its STRD token in March to LUNA stakers as part of a claimable Airdrop. This airdrop will further decentralize Stride, distributing voting power to Terra members in the Stride Dao.

Stride’s vision to make the DeFi market more accessible and innovative is evident in the launch of stLUNA. Combining DeFi yields with staking makes stLUNA attractive for both new and veteran crypto investors.