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Polygon PoS Chain Successfully Implements ‘Performance-Boosting’ Hard Fork to Enhance Scalability and Reliability

The Polygon PoS chain has successfully completed its ‘performance-boosting’ hard fork on January 17, 2023. This hard fork was designed to address two major issues: gas spikes, and chain reorganizations (reorgs), to improve performance and predictability.

The first proposal of the hard fork was to change the BaseFeeChangeDenominator from 8 to 16, in order to smooth out the increase and decrease rate in baseFee for when gas exceeds or falls below the target gas limits in a block. This reduced the risk of gas spikes that can occur when there is a surge in network demand.

The second was to address reorgs. These refer to changes in order of blocks on a blockchain. The goal was to shorten the time until finality, the point at which a block can be considered permanently added on the blockchain.

The community responded positively to the hard fork, with many praising Polygon’s efforts in increasing the network’s reliability and scalable. Polygon PoS is now a more attractive destination for dApps, Web3 project and companies such as OPCT because it offers higher throughput and lower fees, while still maintaining stability and predictability.

To ensure that the network is at the forefront, the Polygon team will continue to work on long-term technical improvements like parallelization.