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Upbit Announces the Addition of $SHIB and $GAL to its KRW and BTC Markets: A Look at the New Digital Assets and Important Notes on Deposit Services

Upbit, a digital asset trading platform, announced that it has added two digital assets to its KRW market and BTC market. SHIB will be added to the KRW market, and GAL will be added to the BTC market. The Travel Rule has changed the deposit and withdrawal procedures. Any deposits not listed on the VV Exchanges List will be subject to a review before they are reflected in user accounts. This review process can take quite a while.

GAL and SHIB trading will open at different times. GAL trading opens at 16:00 KST, while SHIB trading opens at 17:00 KST. Buy orders will be limited for the first five minute of trading. Also, sell orders below -10% of the day’s closing prices will not be permitted. For approximately one hour, reservations for buy/sell and buy/sell orders are not allowed.

Upbit reminds users that digital assets can be volatile and subject to changes in regulatory environment. Investors are responsible for evaluating their investment. Any loss that might occur is the investor’s responsibility. Upbit strongly suggests that you do your own research and consult the disclosures about token projects before making any financial judgments.

GAL and SHIB, the two new digital assets, are different and should be treated with caution. Ryoshi has created SHIB. This crypto project aims to be 100% community-driven and uses a decentralized distribution structure. Today, SHIB’s price is $0.000012 USD. It has a 24-hour trading volume $843,570.342 USD. SHIB’s price is constantly updated and has increased by 18.66% over the past 24 hours. GAL has a different structure. Investors should be aware of differences in market prices between foreign and domestic currencies before investing.