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Exciting Revealed Gameplay Footage of RTS ‘Etherium’

French independent game studio Tindalos Interactive, in partnership with publisher Focus Home Interactive, has unveiled the first gameplay footage of their upcoming science fiction real-time strategy game, Etherium. The game showcases a rich and immersive world that promises a unique gaming experience for strategy enthusiasts.

In the gameplay trailer, viewers get a glimpse of the intense galactic struggle over Etherium, a valuable resource that serves as the focal point of the conflict. Players will have the opportunity to choose from three distinct factions: the human Consortium, the enigmatic alien Intar with precognitive abilities, and the biomechanical Vectides. Each faction brings a different playstyle and strategic approach to the game.

Etherium’s gameplay draws inspiration from classic RTS titles of the late 90s, emphasizing base building, resource management, and epic battles between diverse units and structures. Fans of iconic titles like Command & Conquer and Supreme Commander will find elements of familiarity in Etherium, combined with fresh gameplay mechanics and features.

One standout feature of Etherium is its expansive solo campaign, set within a non-linear grand campaign reminiscent of Star Wars: Empire at War. Players can navigate their fleets across various planets, engage in space battles that influence ground conflicts, and upgrade their technology tree with innovative advancements to gain an edge over their adversaries.

While the graphics may not be cutting-edge, the game’s ambition and scope shine through, promising a compelling addition to the classic RTS genre. Multiplayer functionality is also available, allowing up to four players to engage in strategic battles and vie for supremacy in the Etherium universe.

Etherium is set to be released early next year, and with its blend of classic RTS mechanics and innovative features, it looks poised to captivate strategy gamers looking for a fresh challenge in the vast expanse of space warfare. Keep an eye out for this promising title as it makes its debut in the gaming landscape.