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Analysts Predict SOL to Surge Over 50% Despite Downturn

# Solana (SOL) Expected to Surge Over 50% Despite Recent Downturn

Cryptocurrency analysts are predicting a bullish outlook for Solana (SOL) despite its current position at its lowest price point since May. According to analyst Ali Martinez, SOL is poised for a potential rally of more than 50% in the near term. The analysis is supported by an ascending triangle pattern on SOL’s chart, indicating a possible uptrend.

The recent performance of SOL has seen a decline of over 16% in the last month, as reported by CoinMarketCap. However, analysts believe that SOL could bounce back significantly, especially if it manages to surpass the current $140 price level.

Solana has emerged as a competitive network in the digital asset space in 2024, surpassing Ethereum in DEX volume at various points during the year. Investors have shown confidence in SOL’s potential, contributing to its positive outlook despite the market downturn affecting other tokens.

Key resistance and support levels for SOL are crucial in determining its future trajectory. Analysts are closely monitoring the $143 support level, with the next significant resistance level at $178. A breakout above these levels could signal a larger rally for SOL, impacting ongoing projects and market sentiment.

The recent surge in SOL’s trading volume, with a notable increase of over 90% in the last 24 hours, indicates growing interest and potential gains for the token. Additionally, active address figures for SOL have reached record levels, further fueling optimism for its price movement.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, SOL’s performance and potential rally are closely watched by investors and analysts. The coming days are crucial for SOL as it navigates market dynamics and charts a path towards potential price appreciation.

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