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Unleash Your Inner Artist with Binance’s New AI-Powered Product: Bicasso!

Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that they have launched Bicasso, a brand new product on their NFT platform. Bicasso allows users to create their digital art using advanced AI technology. Users can then turn their ideas into NFTs within a matter of clicks. Bicasso beta is available now and can only be used for 10,000 mints.

Bicasso lets anyone bring their ideas to life. You can also create digital art using Binance AI. Simply enter the description or prompt of your idea in English and watch as Bicasso brings your vision to life within seconds. This makes it easy for everyone, regardless of artistic skill, to create their NFTs and enter the exciting world crypto art.

Bicasso will revolutionize how we create and interact digital art. It offers an unique opportunity for collectors and artists to connect and exchange information. Binance is proud to be part of this exciting new product launch.

Bicasso is available for you to try out. Bicasso has endless possibilities. We are excited to see the incredible digital art creations created by the community. Bicasso is Binance invites you to unleash your creativity, and join the world of NFTs.