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Geojam Joins Binance to Revolutionize Fan Engagement and Cryptocurrency

Geojam is changing the game in cryptocurrency and fan engagement by combining decentralized finance’s technological advancements with real-world experiences. Geojam and Binance will meet on Thursday, February 2nd at 2 PM EST to discuss their future plans.

Geojam is already proving its worth as a way for fans to connect with athletes, artists, and influencers like Nyjah Huston, Machine Gun Kelly and Mariah Carey,. They have introduced $JAM, their cryptocurrency to bring together the ethos of autonomous cryptocurrency groups with mainstream social networking.

The $JAM token can be earned by fans who participate in crowds and activities that are of interest to them. It can also be used for support of those creators. $JAM token can also be traded to access real-world experiences and merchandise. This creates a win/win scenario where creators receive a reward for their social reach in return for offering experiences and opportunities to their fans.

This Thursday, Geojam and Binance will be revealing their vision for fan engagement and cryptocurrency. They will also discuss how they created a new way to connect fans with athletes, artists, and influencers.