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Venom February 2023 Recap: Building Bridges with Strategic Partners

Venom Foundation has worked tirelessly to grow its ecosystem and create meaningful partnerships that will benefit blockchain communities. In February 2023 we made significant progress with establishing new partnerships. This article will focus on some of the major developments and initiatives made by the Venom Foundation during February 2023.

Yoroi Wallet Partnering

Yoroi Wallet and The Venom Foundation have partnered to create a secure, seamless experience for their users. Yoroi Wallet allows users to easily manage their digital assets using a reliable and user-friendly wallet. YoroiWallet has partnered with us to improve the security and user experience. This partnership is a key step in our mission for a strong and secure blockchain community.

Collaboration with Polkadot

Venom Foundation is happy to announce its collaboration and cooperation with Polkadot. Polkadot’s blockchain platform allows for interoperability across different blockchain networks. This partnership will allow the Venom Foundation leverage the interoperability characteristics of Polkadot and create a more connected blockchain ecosystem. We look forward working with Polkadot in order to improve the functionality and usability our platform.

Chainlink Integration

Chainlink, a distributed oracle network that provides trustworthy and tamperproof smart contract data, is excited to be integrated with Venom Foundation. This integration will give the Venom Foundation access to high-quality data, from multiple sources, which will enable us to develop more reliable and secure smart contracts. This integration will prove to be a significant step in our efforts for a secure and decentralized Blockchain ecosystem.

Building bridges with strategic partners

Venom Foundation understands the importance building partnerships with strategic partners to promote innovation and growth within the blockchain industry. We are open to partnerships with organizations that share our vision of a decentralized world. We can make the blockchain community more secure and connected by building meaningful partnerships.


Venom Foundation’s February 2023 month was a very exciting one. We made substantial progress in expanding our ecosystem as well as building relationships with strategic partners. We believe these partnerships and collaborations are key to achieving our goal to create a decentralized, transparent, and secure blockchain ecosystem. We are determined to continue our efforts in building bridges and establishing partnerships that will benefit the entire blockchain community.