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$1 Billion Venom Ventures Fund Launches to Invest in Innovative Web3 Companies Solving Real-World Problems with Blockchain Technology

The Venom Ventures fund (VVF), is a joint venture of the Venom Foundation (a Layer-1 Blockchain licensed and regulated under the Abu Dhabi Global Market) and Iceberg Capital (an ADGM regulated investment manager). The fund will raise $1 billion to invest into innovative Web3 companies solving real-world problems with blockchain technology.

VVF will not be tied to blockchain and will concentrate on long-term trends, such as payments and asset management, DeFi and banking services. Iceberg Capital’s expertise and network will be used to provide incubation programs as well as access to a large industry network. It will assist investees with legal and regulatory support, marketing, exchange listing, legal and technical support.

The fund’s leadership team includes experienced professionals in traditional finance and blockchain. The fund will be led by Mustafa Kheriba (Executive Chairman of Iceberg Capital), who is also a Board member of several family offices, as well as the Board members of Mirabank and Evrensel Capital Partners.

The fund is managed by Iceberg Capital and will invest in teams and projects from pre-seed through Series A rounds. VVF’s mission is to promote blockchain, DeFi and Web3 adoption while also generating long-term returns for investors.

Abu Dhabi Global Market is an international financial hub and free-zone that offers market participants a world-class legal and regulatory system. Venom Ventures Fund (VVF), which was established and managed by ADGM-regulated entities, will be transparent and adhere to regulations. The fund welcomes developers and builders to submit funding applications through their website.

The VVF’s launch is a major step forward in blockchain and Web3 technology and signals growing support for the technology. The fund’s purpose is to improve digital asset management and have a lasting impact on this industry.