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Avalanche and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner to launch new infrastructure features for compliance use cases and accelerate enterprise adoption of blockchain technology.

Avalanche, an open source decentralized platform that facilitates the creation and managing of multiple independent blockchains has launched new infrastructure features in Amazon Web Services (AWS). These new features include validation tools to help customers comply with compliance requirements, making it easier and more affordable for government, institution, and enterprise customers to adopt blockchain technology.

AWS supports Avalanche’s infrastructure and the dApp ecosystem. This allows for one-click deployment of nodes through AWS Marketplace. Avalanche node owners can now use AWS GovCloud to meet FedRAMP compliance requirements. This is an important capability for both government and enterprise customers.

Avalanche is now a member the AWS Partner Network (APN), which allows customers to deploy custom offerings on AWS through more than 100,000 partners in more than 150 countries.

Avalanche will also be joining AWS Activate. This extends AWS credits to Avalanche developers. This will make it easier to launch and manage Avalanche nodes, giving the network greater strength and flexibility for developers.

Avalanche plans to add Subnet deployment to the AWS Marketplace as a managed service. This will allow individuals and institutions to create custom Subnets in just a few clicks. This feature will allow validators to be distributed across multiple availability zones and regions, increasing robustness.

Ava Labs is also working with AWS to host events for developers and entrepreneurs, such as Avalanche Summit, Avalanche Creates and hackathons. This collaboration will help any technical person, whether technical or not, to realize their Avalanche goals.

“AWS Activate is an excellent resource for developers to bring apps to the masses with Avalanche’s trailblazing speed, security, and scalability at their core,” said John Wu, President of Ava Labs.

Avalanche’s partnership with AWS aims to make blockchain technology more available and secure for a wider variety of organizations, and drive mainstream adoption.