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TipLink Raises $6M Co-Led by Sequoia and Multicoin to Unlock the Ultimate Distribution Mechanism

TipLink, a blockchain-based startup has raised $6 Million in a round co-led jointly by Sequoia, Multicoin, to improve its final distribution mechanism.

TipLink is an online platform that allows content creators to monetize work and gives support to their favorite content creators. It uses blockchain technology to enable users to send and get micropayments for digital content.

This funding round will be used for new features and improving the user experience. Funding will also be used for the creation of a strong developer ecosystem to allow developers to use TipLink’s platform.

Mike Stewart, the CEO of the company, expressed his delight at the funding round by saying that “we are thrilled to have support from Sequoia, Multicoin as they work to create a new economic system for digital content creators.” This funding will allow us to accelerate our development and build an ecosystem that benefits both creators and viewers.

Matt Miller, Sequoia’s Partner said that TipLink’s team had a deep understanding about the content creators’ challenges and developed an elegant solution to help them monetize their work. We are thrilled to support TipLink’s expansion and growth.”

Multicoin’s Managing Partners, Kyle Samani and his enthusiasm for the investment were also expressed. Samani stated that he believes blockchain technology has the potential disrupt many industries. Content distribution is one example. TipLink’s platform offers creators a faster way to monetize their work. We are thrilled to be part of this journey.

TipLink’s latest funding round will allow it to grow its platform and transform the way digital content distribution and monetization is done. TipLink’s micropayments-based blockchain approach provides content creators with a safe, efficient, low-cost and secure way to make money and allows audiences to support their favourite creators.