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Ankr and Microsoft Partner to Offer Enterprise Node Services

Ankr is a global leader in providing blockchain infrastructure to developers and enterprises. Microsoft has announced their partnership. The partnership will offer enterprise node service for Microsoft Azure customers. This is a significant breakthrough in the blockchain industry. It will make it easier for companies build and deploy large-scale Blockchain applications.

Ankr will now be able provide its blockchain services to Microsoft Azure customers as part of the partnership. Ankr will provide a variety of node services including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. These services will be accessible through the Azure Marketplace. This will make it simple for customers to integrate blockchain technology in their existing infrastructure.

Chandler Song, Ankr CEO, stated that this partnership will speed up the adoption blockchain technology. It will make it easier for companies and organizations to create and deploy blockchain applications. “Microsoft has been a leader providing enterprise-grade clouds services, and they are excited to partner with us to bring blockchain to enterprise clients,” Song said.

Microsoft has partnered with Microsoft to bring blockchain technology to the forefront of public attention. Blockchain has the potential of revolutionizing a wide variety industries, including finance and supply chain management. One of the biggest barriers to blockchain adoption is the complexity involved in building and deploying applications. This partnership will solve this problem by providing easy-to-use and seamless integration of enterprise node service.

The partnership between Ankr, Microsoft and Ankr is a significant development in the blockchain industry. The two companies have made it possible for businesses to create and deploy large-scale blockchain applications by partnering on Azure Marketplace. This partnership is a positive move towards mainstream adoption and will be interesting to watch how it develops over the next few months.