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FTX Japan Resumes Withdrawals of Fiat Currency and Crypto Assets

FTX Japan announced that it will resume withdrawals of fiat currency as well as crypto assets through the Liquid Japan website platform. Customers who were unable to withdraw assets because of the suspension of services will be relieved by this announcement. The company released a notice that stated that withdrawal services will be resumed at 12:00 p.m., or noon, JST on February 21, 2023.

Customers who have assets in their FTX Japan bank account will need to confirm their assets and transfer them into their Liquid Japan account. Customers who do not already have a Liquid Japan bank account must open one to be able to transfer assets. All eligible customers have been emailed with information about the procedure. Customers who haven’t completed the procedure must follow the instructions and complete it.

The company warns that withdrawals may take longer due to high demand from customers. Customers were assured that other FTX Japan services will resume as soon as possible.

FTX Japan was recently faced with a host of challenges, including regulatory scrutiny and questions about its financial stability. This announcement by FTX Japan is an important step in restoring trust and confidence in the platform.

FTX Japan’s decision that it will resume withdrawal of fiat currency as well as crypto assets via the Liquid Japan website platform is a good development for its customers. The company assured customers that it will make sure that the withdrawal process runs smoothly and efficiently. Contact Liquid Japan Customer Support if you have any questions.