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Terraport: A Sustainable DEX to Boost $LUNC Investment

Terraport was created to provide a sustainable, decentralized exchange (DEX). This allows token holders to swap with $LUNC and attracts investment. Terraport’s primary goal is to offer a platform for trading pairs, and increase access for $LUNC.

The DEX needs liquidity to work. Investors have the option to support or oppose the DEX by using $TERRA as a governance token. Terraport invites investors to join it. This gives them freedom and eliminates the possibility of conflict.

Terraport investors who support financial development are awarded a token of deflation and a share of the DEX’s profits. These investors may also hold $LUNC and will be able to benefit from the deflationary burning.

Terra Classic is used to build the $Terra token. Terra Classic tokens can be converted into CW20 tokens, which makes it a self-sustaining platform. Terraport can create more pairs for $LUNC to make it more accessible and increase volume. This allows the crypto community to see the potential of building on $LUNC.

Terraport and Terra Casino, both successful ventures, can promote the value of $LUNC building. Support in making Terraport the main DEX where $LUNC is traded would be the best advertising for the rest.