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Proposal for Reimbursement of Lost Fees on Terra Classic $LUNC Agora Platform between September 21st and 28th

Edward Kim proposed that users affected by recent Terra Classic Agora issues between September 21st-September 28th should be reimbursed for any lost fees.

Kim reports that users have reported issues with transactions and receiving excessive fees. Many users have suffered financial losses as a result. Kim proposes to reimburse users who have lost money as a way of compensating for their losses.

According to the proposal, users affected by these issues are encouraged to submit a claim detailing their loss of fees and any transaction information. The team will review the claims and process them accordingly.

It’s important to note that the proposal is still under review. This could change. Kim’s positive initiative to bring this matter to our attention and propose a way to compensate the affected users is a good step. Terra Classic Agora has shown that it is dedicated to providing a high quality service and addressing any issues that might arise.

Edward Kim’s proposal of reimbursement for lost fees between September 21st-September 28th was a positive step for Terra Classic Agora. It shows that the Terra Classic Agora team is committed to providing high-quality services for their users and addressing any issues. If you have been affected, please submit a claim. You will be updated on the status of the matter.