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Terra Classic ($LUNC) Blockchain Upgraded to v1.0.5: State Breaking Fix and Version Map Update

The live Terra Classic Today’s price is $0.000172 USD and the 24-hour trading volume is $166,659 334 USD. Terra Classic’s price is constantly changing. Terra Classic has experienced an 8.12% increase in price over the last 24 hours.

A proposal to upgrade the Terra Classic Version 1.0.5 of blockchain has been released. It will transition to version 1.0.4. This upgrade is state-breaking, meaning that validators can create new states when certain parts are activated. Block height guards have now been installed, allowing validators as well as full nodes to upgrade at any time until the state breaking change at block 11543,150 which is expected to take place on February 14th 2023.

Two changes were made to v1.0.5. The first change is to fix the feeutils.go. This fixes an issue with the LCD’s calculation that was causing problems in estimating the required gas. The second change is an upgrade for the version map within the upgrade keeper. This upgrade is critical for future upgrades and is state breaking. This change will occur at block 11543,150. It will update module version maps in the application’s memories.

Nodes that fail to upgrade to 1.0.5 by block 11543,150 will not sync and may return app hash errors. The next upgrade will produce incorrect version maps. To ensure that Terra Classic’s stability and functioning is maintained, it is crucial for nodes to upgrade as soon possible.