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FRONK’s Expansion to Polygon Network: A Clear Explanation of Multi-Chain Strategy

@sandeepnailwal Founder of $FRONK Recently, he took to Twitter in order to clarify any confusion regarding the expansion of their project to include the Polygon network. He stressed that Polygon is an open network where all communities are invited to participate.

He also stated that $FRONK did not have any financial incentives to expand into the Polygon networks. The expansion was part of their multi-chain strategy. This strategy focuses on the creation of a decentralized infrastructure that can support many projects and communities.

The tweet by @sandeepnailwal is a reminder of the constant evolution in blockchain and cryptocurrency. It’s important that we stay updated and not spread misinformation. @sandeepnailwal’s tweet and the $FRONK team encourage trust and understanding by being open about their intentions.

The Polygon network is open and permissionless. All communities are welcome. The Polygon’s multi-chain strategy included $FRONK expansion. This move was free of financial incentives.