#PeckShield Alert: Counterfeit Token $FUD (FTX Users’ Debt) Detected

PeckShield, a security firm that specializes in blockchain, raised concerns about the distribution $FUD (FTX Users’ Debt), a counterfeit token. They claimed to be from Huobi and sent millions of $FUD tokens directly to Justin Sun, founder of Tron Foundation.

The Huobi exchange was contacted by scammers who distributed $FUD tokens. They claimed to be adding liquidity to the platform. The $FUD token, which is a fake, has no real value. PeckShield discovered that scammers were sending Justin Sun millions of $FUD tokens, putting at risk his assets as well as those of the Tron Foundation.

Scammers use the name of trusted exchanges like Huobi to scam investors and steal their assets. PeckShield recommends that all users be aware and verify the authenticity tokens before they invest.

Investors and traders are advised not to invest in tokens that have not been widely accepted or listed on reputable platforms. You should conduct extensive research on any token before you invest. Check the website and social accounts of its creators. Verify the information.

PeckShield discovered a fake token called $FUD (FTX User’s Debt) being distributed by fraudsters pretending to represent the Huobi exchange. Justin Sun was the victim of scammers who sent him millions of $FUD tokens, which put his assets as well as those of the Tron Foundation in danger. PeckShield urges users to be cautious when handling any unidentified or unverified tokens.