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EVM Compatibility: Can the Solana Community Take SVM to the Next Level?

The Ethereum Virtual Machine has revolutionized blockchain by setting a standard in smart contract deployment and execution. It is widely accepted because it works on multiple platforms.

With the rise of blockchain platforms, the question is: Can another virtual machine take the lead and be the industry standard? With their Sealevel Virtual machine (SVM), the Solana community believes so.

The Solana network was built from the ground up to speed, scale, and be efficient. Developers will find it easier to create and execute smart contracts with advanced features like WebAssembly (Wasm).

The Solana community has to improve its wallet infrastructure in order to make the SVM a global standard. This includes allowing the SVM to be supported in popular wallet platforms, and making it easy for users interact with SVM-based contract.

This will allow the Solana community to position the SVM to be an alternative to the EVM, and draw more developers to the platform. This will help to drive innovation and growth that will set the Solana network apart.

The Solana community is responsible for the future success of the SVM standard in the Blockchain industry. The SVM can rival the EVM in terms of industry standards if there is a concerted effort made to improve the wallet infrastructure.