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Solana Emerges as the Fastest Growing Developer Ecosystem, Surpassing 2,000 Developers in 2022

Electric Capital’s new report shows that Solana has the fastest growing ecosystem of developers, with more than 2,000 developers as of 2022. It is second only to Ethereum in raw numbers.

The report shows that Solana saw a 83% increase in the number of developers between December 2022, and one year earlier. This is the fastest growth rate for any major chain. This is a remarkable achievement for Solana as it shows strong interest among developers.

Since 2018, Solana’s total number of developers has increased more than 10x, more than any other cryptocurrency. This is due to Solana’s popularity and ease of use by developers. According to the report developer interest spikes around hackathons or new courses and other developer-friendly events.

It’s worth noting, too, that the Solana developer community is still the most valuable asset of this ecosystem. For the platform to continue growing and succeeding, it is crucial that the community supports and participates.

The report from Electric Capital is positive for Solana’s future and the entire blockchain industry. The platform is growing in popularity among developers. And the community is working hard at making it even easier and more user-friendly. Let’s continue building.