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Announcing the Big Shido Dex Burn Event: A Step Towards a Strong and Stable Shido Ecosystem

The Big Shido Dex Burn Event has been announced by the Shido Team! Shido is an unique token that is hyperdeflationary and unlike any other token. To support the stability and growth in the Shido ecosystem, the Shido team decided that a significant portion of its Shido token supply would be bought back and burned.

The Burn Event will be held within the first 48 hours after the Shido Dex launches. All revenue from the Shido Dex during this period will be used for buying back and burning Shido tokens. The buyback and burn will also be funded by transaction taxes from the Shido Dex.

This event is a major step towards creating strong and stable Shido communities. The team has reduced the supply of Shido tokens and is helping to increase their value. Long-term holders will benefit as their tokens will be valued more when the overall supply drops.

The Shido Dex website is now online and available at This decentralized exchange is built on the Solana Blockchain, which allows for quick and inexpensive transactions. With the launch of Shido Dex, the Shido team is thrilled to see the Shido community expand and grow.

The Shido team is pleased to announce the Big Shido Dex Burn Event. This event will help support the stability and growth of the Shido ecosystem. The Shido Dex is now available at The Shido community looks forward to seeing the ecosystem grow.