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CertiK Alert Alert: $2.7 Million ETH Deposit from Suspect Exploiter Raises Concerns on TornadoCash

CertiK Skynet Alert 🚨: 1,774.5 ETH ($2.7M) Deposited into TornadoCash from Raydium Exploiter

Attention Ethereum users! An enormous sum of 1,774.5 Ethereum, valued at approximately $2.7 million, was transferred to TornadoCash from an unknown exploiter. It is labeled as “0xb98ac” on Etherscan. The origin of this deposit is highly suspect, which is why it is concerning.

TornadoCash, an Ethereum-based privacy platform that allows private, secure transactions to be conducted decentralizedly, is very popular. The platform’s integrity is at risk due to a recent deposit by an exploiter. This raises questions about its legitimacy.

CertiK, a prominent blockchain security company, advises all users to be careful and remain vigilant in the aftermath of this deposit. Before making any transactions on any platform, it is important to fully research and understand the origin of funds.

The CertiKSkynetAlert reminds us that security and caution are paramount when conducting transactions on Ethereum. Stay safe.