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Unsafe lead levels in supplements from Harmonic Innerprizes in Henderson | Health

# Henderson Supplement Manufacturer’s Products Found to Contain Unsafe Levels of Lead

In a recent development, it has come to light that a local supplement manufacturer based in Henderson, Harmonic Innerprizes, has been selling supplements that contain unsafe levels of lead. This concerning information was revealed following testing conducted by the Southern Nevada Health District, leading to potential health risks for certain vulnerable groups.

The supplements identified with high lead levels include Etherium Gold Focused Brain Powder, Etherium Black Re-action Neutralizer Powder, and Etherium Red Decision Powder. The Southern Nevada Health District has raised alarms about the dangers posed by these products, particularly emphasizing the risk to pregnant individuals, those capable of becoming pregnant, and children under the age of six.

The health district had previously taken action against Harmonic Innerprizes back in September when it discovered that the supplements produced by the manufacturer were formulated with ingredients that could potentially lead to heavy metal toxicity. Furthermore, it was found that the company was utilizing ingredients that were not food-grade and sourced from unapproved suppliers.

As a consequence of these findings, the health district imposed certain conditions on Harmonic Innerprizes for its permit reactivation. These conditions include additional employee training, the engagement of a food safety consultant, continued product testing, and improved record-keeping practices. However, to date, Harmonic has not fully met these requirements as expected. Despite this, there is a concern that the tainted supplements may still be circulating in the market through retail outlets or previous consumer purchases.

Lead poisoning can have serious health implications, with symptoms in adults ranging from fatigue, headaches, and cognitive impairment to more severe effects like high blood pressure, nerve damage, abdominal pain, muscle pain, mood disorders, and anemia. Individuals who have consumed supplements from Harmonic Innerprizes and are experiencing any of these symptoms are advised to promptly seek medical advice from their healthcare provider.

For more information or to report any related concerns, you can contact Peter S. Levitt at [email protected]. It is crucial for consumers to stay informed and take necessary precautions when it comes to their health and well-being, especially in light of such concerning revelations regarding supplement safety.