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The Dark Side of Crypto Investing: What Science Reveals About the Personality Traits of Cryptocurrency Investors

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, a recent study sheds light on the intriguing connection between certain personality traits and individuals who invest in digital currencies. The research conducted by the University of Toronto and the University of Miami delved into the characteristics of over 2,000 American adults who participated in the cryptocurrency market.

The findings from the study revealed a correlation between owning cryptocurrencies and possessing what researchers describe as “dark” personality traits. Traits such as narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism were found to be slightly more prevalent among cryptocurrency investors compared to non-investors. This suggests that individuals with these characteristics may be more drawn to the decentralized and anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, the study identified a link between cryptocurrency investors and beliefs in conspiracy theories, as well as a higher tendency to use fringe social media platforms. This association highlights a potential inclination towards alternative ideologies and a distrust of mainstream authorities among crypto investors.

Interestingly, the study revealed that cryptocurrency investors come from a diverse range of political backgrounds, spanning from the extreme edges of the left to the right. However, there was a common thread among investors in terms of their adherence to orientations of Christian nationalism and American exceptionalism.

Key predictors of cryptocurrency ownership included being male, relying on fringe social media for news, displaying argumentative tendencies, and showing resistance to authoritarian forms of government. These factors, along with the identified dark personality traits, provide insight into the demographic makeup of cryptocurrency investors.

It’s essential to note that the study’s sample size was relatively small, and the findings may not be representative of the entire cryptocurrency community, particularly outside the US. Additionally, cryptocurrency investors display a wide range of motivations and interests, indicating that not all investors share the same characteristics.

Nevertheless, the research contributes valuable insights into understanding the attraction of cryptocurrencies in a world where trust in traditional authority structures is evolving. As governments consider regulating or adopting cryptocurrencies, the study’s findings offer valuable information for policymakers and industry stakeholders.

This research, published in PLOS ONE, underscores the complex interplay between personality traits, beliefs, and investment decisions in the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency market. By exploring the darker aspects of crypto investing, we gain a deeper understanding of the diverse individuals who participate in this evolving financial landscape.