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Discover the Futuristic World of Etherium: A New Approach to Real-Time Strategy Gaming

Etherium is an upcoming real-time strategy game that promises to deliver a fresh and innovative gaming experience. Set in a futuristic world filled with tanks, mechs, and air units, Etherium offers players a unique approach to the traditional RTS genre.

One of the standout features of Etherium is its focus on minimizing micromanagement. Instead of controlling individual units, players will command divisions of units, making it easier to oversee large-scale battles without getting bogged down in minutiae. The game takes inspiration from grand strategic battle maps seen in WW2 films, giving players a bird’s eye view of the battlefield.

Unlike traditional RTS games, Etherium simplifies unit commands by offering a small set of generic abilities that can be applied to any unit. This streamlined approach allows players to focus on broader strategic decisions, such as organizing flanking maneuvers and utilizing the natural elements of the map to their advantage.

In Etherium, players will encounter dynamic events that can alter the outcome of battles, such as volcanic eruptions and sandstorms. Additionally, players may come across NPC factions like Terminator-styled robots and Alien-like xenos, adding a layer of depth to the gameplay.

The game’s backstory revolves around inter-dimensional beings laying eggs on planets every 1000 years, which serve as a powerful energy source. Three factions, including human corporations, religious zealots, and ethereal aliens, vie for control of these eggs to gain dominance in the galaxy.

With a focus on base building, tech tree progression, and strategic decision-making, Etherium offers a diverse range of gameplay options. Players can choose between building a massive army of low-tech units or investing in fewer, high-tech divisions. Additionally, players can opt to target the enemy’s base or take down the opposing fleet with orbital cannons.

Overall, Etherium presents a refreshing take on the RTS genre, combining strategic depth with accessible gameplay. With a promise of shorter, more dynamic battles and campaigns, Etherium is set to appeal to both hardcore RTS fans and newcomers to the genre. Keep an eye out for Etherium’s release on PC this summer for an exciting new gaming experience.