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The BRI Lifts the Veil on Banks’ Crypto Activities: What Will Change?

The recent approval by the Basel Committee, operating under the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), of a new framework for the disclosure of banks’ crypto exposures marks a significant development in the regulation of the digital asset market. This move aims to enhance transparency and risk management within the financial system.

Set to be implemented in early 2026, the framework will require banks to provide detailed information about their activities involving cryptocurrencies. This includes the creation of publicly accessible tables and templates to offer a clear overview of banks’ exposures to digital assets, ultimately improving market discipline and aiding risk assessment.

Furthermore, alongside the disclosure framework, the Basel Committee has also approved targeted revisions to the prudential standard for cryptocurrencies. These changes aim to provide clarity on the criteria for stablecoins to receive preferential regulatory treatment under the “group 1b” category, reflecting regulators’ efforts to adapt to the evolving crypto landscape.

This revision acknowledges the potential role of stablecoins in the financial system while maintaining strict prudential requirements. The forthcoming updated version of the standard is expected to specify these changes and their impact on the regulatory treatment of various types of digital assets.

Overall, these regulatory developments signify a decisive step towards transparency in the banking sector and demonstrate a proactive approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by the growing influence of cryptocurrencies in the global financial system.

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**Author**: Fenelon L.

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### Launching a Loyalty Program with 1World

In the digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage with their customers and foster brand loyalty. One effective strategy that companies employ is the implementation of loyalty programs. These programs incentivize customers to make repeat purchases, refer friends, and engage with the brand in various ways.

In the provided code snippet, we see a function `launch_loyalty_program_1world()` being called within a larger script. This function is triggered based on the user’s cookie consent choices. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements in the script:

– **Google Tag Manager (GTM):**
The script initializes Google Tag Manager to track user interactions on the website.

– **Clarity Analytics Integration:**
Clarity Analytics script is loaded asynchronously to gain insights into user behavior and website performance.

– **Axeptio Consent Management:**
Axeptio is used for managing cookie consent. The script checks the user’s consent choices, including preferences for Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Pixel, Microsoft Clarity, and a loyalty program powered by 1World.

– **Loyalty Program Integration:**
If the user consents to the loyalty program, the `launch_loyalty_program_1world()` function is invoked. This function likely triggers the setup of a loyalty program utilizing 1World’s services to reward customers for their engagement and purchases.

– **OWOStorageSolutionManager:**
The script also interacts with `OWOStorageSolutionManager` to manage storage solutions based on user consent preferences.

– **Facebook SDK Integration:**
The script loads the Facebook SDK for social media integration and tracking.

In conclusion, the provided script demonstrates a sophisticated setup for launching a loyalty program powered by 1World within a broader framework of analytics, consent management, and social media integration. By leveraging such tools and technologies, businesses can enhance customer engagement, gather valuable insights, and drive customer retention through tailored loyalty programs.