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Solana Meme Mascot Mew Teams up with Pixelverse in Telegram Game ‘PixelTap’ to Take on Doge

The intersection of meme culture and cryptocurrency has brought about a new addition to the world of meme coins. Meet Mew, a cat inspired by the Solana meme coin “Cat in a Dogs World (MEW)” who is now stepping into the spotlight in a popular Telegram-based combat game called PixelTap. In this game, Mew will be pitted against a dog boss inspired by the iconic Dogecoin meme.

Pixelverse, the creators of PixelTap, have recently announced a collaboration with the team behind Mew to introduce this feline combatant into the tap-based crypto game on the Solana blockchain. Mew will be facing off against Shibatoni, a formidable canine fighter inspired by Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, in a battle for supremacy.

According to official descriptions on Telegram, Mew is portrayed as a clever cat with a mysterious background who navigates the alleys of Dog City, challenging the dominance of dogs and outsmarting the SHIBEX mega corporation with tech skills and magical abilities.

A teaser trailer showcases Mew engaging in acrobatic maneuvers in a cyberpunk setting before entering a combat arena to confront the towering Doge-inspired adversary.

PixelTap stands out among Telegram games by offering players a unique gameplay experience where they can battle against other players’ pets in a tap-to-defend style competition to become the last fighter standing. Players can earn in-game coins through these battles, which can then be used to acquire more pets and enhancements to boost their combat capabilities.

While details about any potential airdrops for PixelTap players have not been confirmed by Pixelverse, the project recently announced its plan to launch the PIXFI token on The Open Network (TON), a network favored by major Telegram-based games.

Despite the excitement surrounding Mew and the PixelTap game, the MEW token has experienced a 7% decline in value, currently priced at around $0.004, based on data from CoinGecko.

As the world of meme coins continues to evolve and intertwine with gaming and blockchain technology, the introduction of Mew in PixelTap marks an intriguing development in the ever-expanding landscape of cryptocurrency-themed entertainment.