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Local Supplement Manufacturer Under Investigation for Lead Contamination: What You Need to Know

In a recent development, the Southern Nevada Health District has initiated an investigation into a local supplement manufacturer following the discovery of unsafe lead levels in their products. Here are the key details regarding this ongoing situation:

**Lead Contamination Concerns**
The health district’s investigation revealed that products from Harmonic Innerprizes contained ingredients that were not food grade and were from unapproved sources. Subsequent product testing confirmed elevated lead levels in three specific products, raising concerns about potential health risks, particularly for certain demographics.

**Unsafe Products**
The products identified as posing a risk include Etherium Gold Focused Brain Powder and Etherium Black Re-action Neutralizer Powder, deemed unsafe for individuals who are pregnant or able to become pregnant. Additionally, Etherium Red Decision Powder may present health risks for children aged six and younger.

**Symptoms of Lead Poisoning**
Lead poisoning can manifest in various symptoms in adults, ranging from fatigue and headaches to more severe issues like high blood pressure, nerve damage, and anemia. Identifying lead poisoning can be challenging due to its overlapping symptoms with other health conditions. Individuals with potential exposure are advised to seek assessment and testing from healthcare providers.

**Regulatory Actions**
Following the discovery of lead contamination, the supplement manufacturer’s health permit has been suspended. The Health District’s Environmental Health Division has stipulated conditions for the facility’s reopening, including additional training, hiring a food safety consultant, ongoing product testing, and improved record-keeping practices.

**What You Can Do**
If you are concerned about lead poisoning or potential exposure, it is essential to consult with a healthcare provider for assessment and testing. Additionally, for more information on lead poisoning, the [Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)]( provides valuable resources.

The health and safety of consumers remain a top priority, and investigations like these serve as crucial reminders of the importance of product safety and regulation in the supplement industry. Stay informed and proactive about potential risks to safeguard your well-being.