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Schiff Predicts Bitcoin Price Fall for Several Years

Peter Schiff, a vocal critic of Bitcoin, has once again criticized the cryptocurrency, pointing out its decline in value since reaching an all-time high in March. Schiff compared Bitcoin’s performance to that of gold, emphasizing the latter’s growth over the same period. He predicted a continued fall in Bitcoin’s price over the next few years while gold’s value rises.

Ripple CEO Celebrates Legal Victory in California

In an X post, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse celebrated a legal victory as a California judge dismissed several claims against the company regarding alleged violations of securities laws. While one state law claim is proceeding to trial, Garlinghouse emphasized that the ruling does not change the fact that XRP is not a security, as per a previous court decision in New York.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Sees Tremendous Burn Rate Increase

Shiba Inu experienced a significant spike in its burn rate, with the SHIB community removing a large number of tokens from circulation. Despite this development, the price of SHIB remained relatively stable, reflecting the wider crypto market sentiment, especially with Bitcoin experiencing a dip. The subdued price movement of SHIB can be attributed to the overall market conditions.

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