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Trump reaffirms pledge to end Biden’s ‘war on crypto’ at Wisconsin rally

**Trump Reaffirms Pledge to End Biden’s ‘War on Crypto’ at Wisconsin Rally**

In a recent rally in Racine, Wisconsin, Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump made a strong pledge to end what he termed as “Joe Biden’s war on crypto.” Trump emphasized the importance of ensuring that the future of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, is developed in the United States to prevent other countries from seizing the opportunity.

Apart from addressing the crypto industry, Trump’s campaign also critiqued Biden’s economic policies, highlighting concerns such as higher prices, lower wages, and a stagnating manufacturing sector under Biden’s leadership. The rally took place in a town where a Foxconn factory, seen as a symbol of Trump’s pro-manufacturing policies, failed to deliver the expected number of job positions.

Trump’s focus on the crypto industry is not new, as he has previously made promises to support and prioritize the sector. In earlier statements, Trump called for support from the crypto community, vowing to end what he referred to as the “Biden-Gensler crusade against crypto,” in reference to Gary Gensler, the SEC chair appointed by the Biden administration. Additionally, Trump expressed intentions to make the US a dominant force in Bitcoin mining to enhance the country’s energy capabilities.

Amid Trump’s vocal support for the crypto industry, there is speculation about a potential shift in Biden’s approach towards cryptocurrencies. Reports suggest that Biden’s campaign is considering input from the crypto industry to adopt a more welcoming stance. Furthermore, there are indications that Biden’s campaign may follow Trump’s lead in accepting crypto donations, as seen in the case of Coinbase Commerce.

However, the Biden campaign has not officially confirmed any change in approach towards cryptocurrencies. The reported plans are based on anonymous sources, leaving uncertainty about how Biden’s stance on the crypto industry may evolve in response to Trump’s proactive engagement with the sector.

As the US presidential campaign progresses, the contrasting approaches towards cryptocurrencies by Trump and Biden highlight the increasing significance of the digital asset industry in the political landscape. The future of crypto regulation and support in the US remains a topic of keen interest for both industry stakeholders and political observers.