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Paris Match immortalizes its iconic photos as NFTs

Paris Match, the renowned French magazine, has made a groundbreaking move by embracing the world of cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to celebrate its 75th anniversary. In a bold initiative, the iconic publication has decided to auction 75 of its most legendary archival photos in the form of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

This historic auction, which is currently open for enthusiasts and collectors, presents a unique opportunity for individuals to own a digital piece of history immortalized on the Ethereum Blockchain. The collection includes iconic images capturing moments with notable figures such as the Rolling Stones, Jack Nicholson, Orson Welles, John Travolta, along with significant historical events like the fall of the Berlin Wall, scenes from Harlem, and the Tour de France.

Paris Match has partnered with Focus Bloc, a platform specializing in photo NFTs, and SuperRare, a prestigious NFT marketplace, to bring this innovative concept to life. By combining their photographic expertise with blockchain technology, Paris Match has created a synergy that bridges tradition with modernity.

What sets this auction apart is the inclusion of a physical component alongside the digital NFTs. Each photo will come with a numbered and signed physical print, offering a unique opportunity for traditional collectors to merge their love for tangible art with virtual ownership.

Emmanuel Daien, founder of Focus Bloc, who supervised a previous NFT sale by Paris Match in January 2023, noted the shared enthusiasm between photo enthusiasts and crypto supporters. The decision to introduce an auction format and physical prints further underscores Paris Match’s commitment to adapting to the evolving interests of its audience.

With starting bids as low as 0.3 ETH (approximately $1062), Paris Match aims to make these heritage treasures accessible to a broader audience, democratizing access to cultural and artistic assets.

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