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Etherium Set to Launch in March, Introduces Conquest Mode

Developer Tindalos Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive have announced the upcoming release of Etherium, a real-time strategy video game set to launch later this month. The game delves into a distant galaxy where three powerful factions compete for control over the valuable resource known as etherium, leading to intense conflicts and strategic battles.

One of the key highlights of Etherium is its innovative features, which go beyond traditional real-time strategy gameplay. Players can expect dynamic weather events that impact battles, the presence of neutral native troops that can be either allies or adversaries, and a variety of planets with different biomes such as desert, tundra, and jungle. Additionally, players will have to strategically manage the top-down view of the game akin to 4X games while engaging in ground combat.

The newly unveiled Conquest mode in Etherium offers a non-linear main campaign experience, allowing players to conquer opponents, research advanced technologies, conduct espionage missions, and select their next targets strategically. With the ability to build bases, deploy various units including infantry, tanks, aircraft, and colossal beings, each faction in the game possesses unique strengths and weaknesses, offering diverse gameplay options like climate manipulation and planetary bombardments.

Moreover, Etherium supports multiplayer functionality for up to four players, enabling intense competitive matches and all-out battles. The introduction of a new real-time strategy game like Etherium brings much-needed diversity to the genre, especially with the recent focus on highly competitive titles like Starcraft 2.

Players can already pre-order Etherium on Steam with a 10% discount, anticipating its official release on March 25. The combination of classic RTS elements with innovative gameplay features and diverse strategic options makes Etherium an intriguing addition to the real-time strategy gaming landscape.