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Scammers Exploiting Elon Musk’s Name in Cryptocurrency Giveaway Scam on YouTube

Recently, reports have surfaced of cybercriminals utilizing fake YouTube videos featuring billionaire Elon Musk to lure unsuspecting victims into a cryptocurrency scam. These fraudulent activities involve the use of “giveaway” scams, where individuals are promised fake cryptocurrency rewards in exchange for sending Bitcoin or Ethereum to certain digital wallets.

Fake YouTube video streaming site used in giveaway scam
Screengrabs of a fake YouTube video streaming site used in the giveaway scam

Understanding the Scam:

The scammers are hijacking YouTube accounts, including those of deceased YouTubers, and uploading fake videos mimicking Elon Musk discussing cryptocurrencies or making price predictions to lend credibility to their schemes. They alter the channel names and pictures to appear as official Tesla channels, creating a facade to deceive viewers.

Modus Operandi:

The fraudsters entice victims with offers of doubling their money through cryptocurrency giveaways. These “giveaway wallet” scams have led numerous individuals to send their digital assets to the criminals in the hopes of receiving rewards from the tech mogul.

Perpetrators and Monetary Losses:

A network of cybercriminals is believed to be orchestrating these scams, obtaining login credentials from data breaches or using common passwords to access accounts. Reports indicate that victims have collectively lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency to these scammers, mainly in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Elon Musk cryptocurrency scam illustration
The cyber criminals lure victims with fake cryptocurrency giveaways using Elon Musk’s image

Responses and Actions Taken:

Both Elon Musk and other victims have criticized YouTube for failing to take adequate measures to combat these fraudulent activities. Musk has voiced his concerns about scam advertisements on the platform, while other victims have highlighted the platform’s security vulnerabilities.

YouTube, owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, has stated that it removed channels involved in the scam upon being alerted by BBC News. The platform emphasized its Community Guidelines, which prohibit scams, impersonation, and hacking.

End Goal of the Scam:

The primary motive behind the giveaway scam is financial gain, with scammers exploiting the anonymity and traceability of cryptocurrencies to evade detection. While their success rate may have varied, scammers continue to target unsuspecting individuals, especially during periods of heightened Bitcoin price volatility.

It is essential for users to remain vigilant and exercise caution when encountering such offers online, especially those leveraging the names of prominent figures like Elon Musk to perpetrate scams.