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Economist Henrik Zeberg Predicts Major Rally for Crypto and Stocks, But Warning Signs Ahead

Economist Henrik Zeberg, a highly regarded macro strategist, recently shared his outlook for both stocks and cryptocurrencies in the coming months. With a significant following on Twitter, Zeberg has stirred up discussions among investors with his forecast of upcoming rallies in these markets, but also issued a cautious warning about potential dangers on the horizon.

Zeberg highlighted two key narratives that he believes will drive the market surge:

  • “Blow off top is not over and done – yet! Extreme rally ahead in certain indices and crypto.”
  • “Sentiment will become extremely BULLISH.”

While Zeberg acknowledges the possibility of continued upward momentum in stocks and cryptocurrencies until the end of the year, he also cautioned that a major correction could be looming once the market hits its peak.

According to Zeberg’s predictions:

  • “Top in US markets will be in Q3/Q4 2024.”
  • “Recession sets in Q4 2024.”
  • “Fast decline in markets will begin.”

Zeberg also noted that market participants are likely to show increasing exuberance as the S&P 500 index climbs higher. He warned that overly bullish sentiment could be a sign of an impending market top.

As of the latest data, the S&P 500 is currently trading at 5,221 points, suggesting further room for growth before potential corrections. Investors and traders are advised to closely monitor market developments and exercise caution amid the volatile conditions predicted by Zeberg.

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