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Notcoin Temporarily Suspends NOT Deposits on Exchanges

The Notcoin project team recently made an important announcement regarding the temporary suspension of NOT deposits on crypto exchanges starting May 14. According to a tweet from the official Notcoin Twitter account, users will not be able to send their tokens to exchanges until after the coin’s listing on May 16.

“Notcoin direct deposits to exchanges will be closed tomorrow (May 14th). The next time withdrawal options (including on-chain claim) will be opened after the listing. Please make sure you have initiated the transfer to exchange if you want to start trading from the first minute.”

– The Notcoin team

Notcoin is a web3 gaming project that was launched on January 1 within The Open Network (TON) ecosystem. It operates as a mini-application within the Telegram messenger, allowing users to receive coins with a simple tap on their phone screens and engage in various activities to increase their earnings.

Prior to the suspension of NOT deposits, the Notcoin project team had announced that 5% of the token’s total supply would be distributed among community members and exchange clients. One billion NOT tokens were allocated for users of the wallet bot within Telegram, with the campaign scheduled to conclude on May 25.

Following the lifting of the deposit suspension on May 16, users will be able to sell NOT on the P2P market, exchange it for TON, USDT, or BTC, send it to Telegram contacts, and use it for payments. Additionally, the OKX crypto exchange recently added NOT to its Jumpstart marketplace’s launchpad, allowing traders to earn Notcoin by staking TON from May 13 to May 16.

It is advisable for users interested in trading Notcoin to stay informed about the latest updates and ensure they adhere to the guidelines provided by the Notcoin team to avoid any inconveniences during this period of temporary suspension of deposits on exchanges.