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The Anonymous Winner of the $2.9 Million Ethereum Pot in FOMO3D “Exit Scam” Game

The crypto world was recently abuzz with news of an unexpected end to the FOMO3D game—described as an “experiment in greed” and built on smart contracts. The game, which played on the fear of missing out phenomenon, saw one lucky anonymous winner walk away with a pot of 10,469 ETH, equivalent to about $2.9 million USD.

FOMO3D was essentially a gambling game that operated as a type of Ponzi scheme exit scam, providing players with the opportunity to partake in a simulated cryptocurrency exit scam. Players purchased keys to an ICO fund held within a smart contract, contributing to the growth of the Ethereum pot while also extending the countdown clock. The last player to purchase a key when the timer hit zero would win the entire pot.

What made FOMO3D unique was that there was no limit to the number of rounds, leading many to believe that the game would never end. However, contrary to expectations, the game did come to a close, leaving players in shock and some questioning the legitimacy of the outcome.

Rumors have circulated about the manner in which the game ended, with speculations that a crypto miner may have intervened by censoring a block, potentially halting key purchases and allowing the timer to expire. Additionally, reports of unsuccessful key bids and unacknowledged transactions have raised doubts about the fairness of the game’s conclusion.

Despite the controversy surrounding its end, the transaction history confirms a legitimate $2.9 million payout to the anonymous winner. The funds have been transferred to other smart contracts, with the record on the Ethereum blockchain indicating a transaction from a contract tagged “Fomo3D.” This internal transaction suggests that the payout originated from a smart contract, lending credibility to the legitimacy of the winner’s claim.

In the aftermath of the FOMO3D game, the crypto community continues to discuss the implications of this unconventional experiment and the unforeseen end that left one player significantly wealthier. The saga of FOMO3D serves as a cautionary tale about the risks and uncertainties inherent in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain-based games.