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Revolut Launches Revolut X, a Standalone Crypto Exchange for Experienced Traders

Revolut, the popular digital bank with over 40 million customers worldwide, has recently introduced its new crypto exchange platform, Revolut X. This platform is specifically catered towards professional cryptocurrency traders and aims to provide them with a competitive offering in the market.

Unlike traditional banks that may offer limited cryptocurrency trading services, Revolut has taken a bold step by creating a standalone crypto exchange to meet the needs of experienced traders. By launching Revolut X, the bank is positioning itself as a strong player in the crypto trading space.

One of the key features of Revolut X is its fee structure. The platform is enticing users with lower fees compared to other leading exchanges. Revolut has announced that it will charge zero fees to the maker of a trade and only 0.09% to the taker, making it an attractive option for those looking to save on trading costs.

By offering a dedicated crypto exchange, Revolut is aiming to streamline the trading experience for its users. Instead of relying on the main Revolut app for cryptocurrency transactions, customers can now access Revolut X for a more focused and efficient trading process.

Revolut’s move to launch a standalone crypto exchange demonstrates its commitment to serving the needs of the growing cryptocurrency market. With the increasing popularity of digital assets, having a dedicated platform for trading can help attract more experienced traders to the Revolut ecosystem.

Overall, the launch of Revolut X marks an important milestone for the digital bank as it expands its offerings in the cryptocurrency space and aims to compete with established exchanges in terms of features, fees, and user experience.