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DeGods, y00ts Solana Return Sparks Price Surge—and Backlash

**DeGods and y00ts Return to Solana Sparks Price Surge and Controversy**

The recent return of the DeGods and y00ts NFT collections to the Solana blockchain has caused quite a stir in the community. Despite facing backlash from some members, both collections have seen a significant increase in value since transitioning back to Solana.

As of now, approximately 3,000 DeGods NFTs have moved from Ethereum to Solana, while 5,100 y00ts NFTs have made the transition from Polygon to Solana. This migration has boosted the floor prices of these NFT collections to 51 SOL for DeGods and nearly 13 SOL for y00ts.

However, not everyone in the community is pleased with this move. Some members have criticized the timing of the projects’ return to Solana, especially considering their previous transitions to Ethereum and Polygon. One member raised the question of why they should support a project that left the Solana chain during a challenging period only to return when Solana’s popularity has surged.

Despite the controversy, the decision to return to Solana seems to have paid off in terms of value appreciation for both DeGods and y00ts. The Solana blockchain itself has been experiencing a significant uptrend, with a 71.99% increase according to CryptoSlam data. However, Solana still lags behind Ethereum and Bitcoin in terms of overall network value and adoption.

This is not the first time that DeGods has switched chains. In the past, the project had announced plans to migrate to Ethereum, while y00ts had planned to transition to Polygon. The migration finally took place in October 2023, with a large number of y00ts holders swiftly moving their assets from Polygon to Ethereum within hours of the transition becoming available.

In addition to the chain switches, the migration also involved the transfer of DeGods’ DUST token, which is used for trading and minting NFTs within its ecosystem, to the respective blockchains. Notably, DeGods had also ventured onto the Bitcoin bridge to tap into the success of Ordinals NFTs in March 2023.

The return of DeGods and y00ts to Solana has not only sparked a price surge but also reignited discussions around NFT projects switching chains and the implications for the broader blockchain community. Despite the criticism, the growing value of these collections on Solana reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of the NFT market.