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Nike will tokenize its shoes on the Ethereum blockchain

Nike’s latest move to tokenize its shoes on the Ethereum blockchain has sparked interest and curiosity in the world of fashion and technology. The shoe giant recently secured a patent for shoe tokenization on the Ethereum blockchain, signaling a shift towards digital ownership and customization in the footwear industry.

According to reports, Nike plans to generate unique identifiers and create ERC 721 tokens for select pairs of shoes. These tokens will allow owners to have more control over their digital shoes, including setting limits on cloning and production. By linking physical shoes to digital tokens through unique identification numbers, consumers can verify ownership and authenticity.

In addition to recording information about the shoe’s genotype, including attributes, colors, styles, and backgrounds, the digital tokens offer features such as surrogacy and parenting functions. These functions enable users to mix shoe designs, grant others permission to care for the shoes, and even establish breeding rights for successive generations of the digital shoe.

Nike’s decision to tokenize its shoes comes at a time when limited-edition footwear is gaining popularity, particularly in markets like China where second-hand sneaker trading platforms are thriving. The digitalization of shoes through blockchain technology could potentially enhance the trading and resale market for exclusive footwear, bridging the gap between physical and digital ownership.

As blockchain technology continues to disrupt various industries, Nike’s foray into shoe tokenization underscores the growing trend of digitizing assets for added security and personalization. With this new development, Nike is not only innovating in the realm of fashion but also exploring the possibilities of blockchain technology in providing unique experiences for consumers.