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Whales Are Taking Profit On Solana Meme Coins To Accumulate Utility Tokens Rollblock (RBLK) and Cosmos (ATOM)

# Whales Shifting Focus to Solana Utility Tokens Rollblock (RBLK) and Cosmos (ATOM)

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, trends come and go rapidly. Recently, there has been a noticeable shift in strategy among crypto whales. Following the meme coin frenzy, whales are now turning their attention towards accumulating utility tokens such as Rollblock (RBLK) and Cosmos (ATOM) on the Solana blockchain.

## The Rise of Cosmos (ATOM)
Cosmos has been making waves in the crypto community with its recent milestone – the approval of proposal 897 by the Cosmos Hub. This update, known as ICS 2.0: Partial Set Security, enhances security measures within the Cosmos ecosystem, offering more flexibility and autonomy to validators.

While Cosmos has seen price fluctuations in the past month, experts believe it is poised for a recovery. Despite facing a 26.6% decrease in value, Cosmos has shown signs of resilience, with a slight price drop of 0.52% in the last 24 hours. Analysts predict that Cosmos could rebound to $10 post-Bitcoin halving, prompting whales to double down on their ATOM holdings to capitalize on potential gains.

## Rollblock (RBLK): The New Utility Token on the Block
Meanwhile, Rollblock is emerging as a standout utility token attracting attention from investors. In its presale phase, Rollblock is positioning itself as a game-changer in the DeFi sector by integrating its technology into the lucrative online gambling market, estimated at $75 billion annually.

One of the key features that has captivated investors is Rollblock’s innovative revenue-sharing model. Through this model, up to 30% of daily revenue will be distributed to RBLK token holders, creating a highly deflationary token due to regular buyback and burning operations. Additionally, Rollblock plans to offer lucrative staking rewards, further enhancing its value proposition for investors seeking passive income opportunities.

With projections indicating a potential 100x price increase by the end of 2024 and significant disruption in the online gambling industry, Rollblock has been described as one of the most promising crypto opportunities of the year.

## The Potential of Rollblock (RBLK)
Rollblock’s presale is currently underway, offering RBLK tokens at a discounted price of $0.01 during the initial phase. With substantial interest reflected in the sale of 30% of tokens within the first two days, Rollblock is set to experience significant price appreciation during each presale stage, with an anticipated 720% surge in value during the presale alone.

As Rollblock aims to revolutionize the online gambling market, experts foresee substantial growth potential for the token, further bolstered by its unique revenue-sharing model and staking rewards.

For those intrigued by the opportunities presented by Rollblock, the presale phase offers a chance to participate in this promising project:

– **Website:** [Rollblock Presale](
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As crypto whales strategically reallocate their assets towards utility tokens like Rollblock and Cosmos on the Solana network, the crypto landscape continues to evolve with new opportunities for investors and enthusiasts alike. It’s crucial to stay informed and seize potential opportunities in this dynamic industry.

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