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Twitter Expands Tipping Options to Include Ethereum for Creator Support

Twitter has made it easier for crypto enthusiasts to support their favorite creators by expanding its tipping options to include Ethereum alongside Bitcoin. This recent development allows users to tip creators using Ethereum, offering an alternative cryptocurrency for those who may prefer it over Bitcoin.

In addition to Ethereum support, Twitter has also integrated three new payment services – Barter, Paga, and Paytm, providing users with more options to show their support. By simply visiting the Tips icon on a creator’s Twitter profile, users can easily send tips. Creators who are at least 18 years old can choose to enable tips on their profile to start receiving contributions.

For individuals who are not as enthusiastic about Bitcoin, the addition of Ethereum support provides a more versatile option for engaging with creators on the platform. Moreover, the inclusion of payment services like Barter, Paga, and Paytm makes it particularly beneficial for users in regions like India and Nigeria where mobile payments are prevalent. This move by Twitter not only expands the audience base for tipping but also enhances the practicality for digital creators operating in countries where these payment methods are widely used.

Whether you prefer Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other payment services, Twitter’s latest update aims to foster a supportive community for creators while catering to a diverse range of user preferences and needs. By embracing various cryptocurrency options and partnering with local payment services, Twitter continues to evolve its platform to better serve its global user base.