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Focus Home Interactive releases launch trailer for

## Focus Home Interactive Unleashes Launch Trailer for Etherium

Focus Home Interactive has recently debuted an enticing launch trailer for the upcoming ambitious sci-fi real-time strategy game, Etherium, developed by Tindalos Interactive.

Scheduled for release on March 25th, Etherium thrusts players into conflict over scarce resources as they choose to align with one of three distinct factions. The game boasts faction-specific abilities, a wide array of units, and a dynamic weather system that adds depth to the sci-fi RTS experience.

In addition to offering multiple maps for various multiplayer modes, Etherium features a Conquest mode where players must secure six different gestation planets to gain access to the coveted material that the game is named after.

To engage with the community, Etherium’s developers will be conducting a live Q&A session on their Twitch channel. The session is set to take place this Wednesday at 7:15 pm CET / 1:15 pm EST / 10:15 am PST. Fans can tune in to the session [here](

Furthermore, eager players can pre-purchase Etherium [here]( ahead of the official release date.

To catch a glimpse of the action-packed gameplay and immersive world of Etherium, watch the thrilling launch trailer below:

[Watch Etherium Launch Trailer](

Stay tuned for more updates and immerse yourself in the futuristic and strategic world of Etherium.