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Etherium Offers Exciting Real-Time Strategy Experience

Indie developer Tindalos Interactive, in collaboration with publisher Focus Home Interactive, has unveiled their latest creation, Etherium. This Real-Time Strategy game, set to launch in Q3 2014 exclusively for PC, promises to immerse players in a thrilling sci-fi world filled with strategic challenges and intense battles.

The recent release of Etherium’s new website has shed light on the game’s innovative mechanics and gameplay features. The site, accessible on both mobile and tablet devices, provides a comprehensive overview of the three empires vying for control of the precious resource known as etherium. Through engaging visuals and detailed descriptions, players can explore the unique strengths, weaknesses, and technologies that define each empire.

Accompanying the website launch are four stunning new screenshots showcasing the vibrant landscapes of Mars, one of the game’s six deposit planets for etherium. Players will delve into a high-stakes conflict as they command troops on the Red Planet, navigating through industrial ruins and strategic battlegrounds to secure dominance.

Etherium offers diverse gameplay experiences, allowing players to engage in online multiplayer battles with up to four participants or embark on a solo campaign where tactical decisions shape the outcome of each mission. Command a variety of units, including infantry, tanks, aircraft, and colossal war machines, as you strive to outmaneuver and outsmart your opponents.

In addition to traditional warfare tactics, Etherium introduces dynamic weather systems that influence battlefield strategies. From utilizing sandstorms for stealth operations to leveraging frozen rivers for tactical advantages, players must adapt their approach to the ever-changing environments across the six planets featured in the game.

To get a glimpse of the intense warfare and strategic depth offered by Etherium, watch the official trailer below:

For more information and updates on Etherium, visit the game’s [official site](, like their page on [Facebook](, and follow Focus Home Interactive and Tindalos Interactive on [Twitter]( and [Twitter]( respectively.

Prepare to embark on an epic journey through space and engage in strategic warfare like never before with Etherium. Stay tuned for further announcements and exciting developments as the game approaches its highly anticipated release date.