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Etherium Gets New Screens Showing Sci-Fi Battles on Distant Planets – Gallery

### Explore the Futuristic Battles on Distant Planets with Etherium

*Etherium*, the captivating science-fiction real-time strategy game developed by Tindalos Interactive, is all set to immerse players into thrilling battles on distant planets. The game introduces its non-playable character factions and campaign through a series of stunning in-game screenshots.

#### Journey Through the Galaxy for Etherium

In this futuristic strategy game, players are transported to a distant future where the galaxy holds a valuable resource known as Etherium. The task at hand is to explore and colonize new planets while evolving armies through research and technological advancements. Players must adapt to harsh climate conditions, upgrade their colonies, and strategize to secure the elusive Etherium resource.

#### Encounter Mysterious Factions in the Campaign

As players traverse the vast reaches of space in Etherium’s campaign, they will encounter various mysterious factions vying for control over Etherium. With three major factions and several sub-factions in the mix, players must navigate alliances and challenges to emerge victorious.

#### Battle Elements and Enemies

Etherium presents players with not only the challenge of defeating opponents but also braving environmental elements. From snow-covered ice planets like Arctis to volcanic terrains on Pilo and lush jungle planets of Resurgence, each planet brings unique strategic challenges that players must overcome to succeed.

#### Unprecedented Dynamism in Campaigns

The game offers three non-linear campaigns that provide players with the flexibility to choose their path by selecting technologies and planets to conquer. The ultimate goal is to eliminate rival factions and gain complete control over Etherium.

#### A Peek Into Faction Battles

The latest screenshots from Tindalos Interactive give a glimpse of the intense faction battles in Etherium. From the regenerative Guardians to post-apocalyptic Raiders, each faction brings a unique flavor to the intergalactic conflicts.

#### Release and Further Details

*Etherium* is exclusively developed for the PC platform and is scheduled for release in Q3 2014. To delve deeper into the game’s factions, gameplay systems, and immersive battles, visit the [official website](

Embark on a thrilling sci-fi journey through distant planets, engage in strategic battles, and vie for control over the valuable resource of Etherium in this visually exciting and dynamic real-time strategy game. Stay tuned for the release of *Etherium* to experience a futuristic adventure like never before.