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Unveiling Etherium: A Futuristic RTS Game with Intriguing Campaign and Sub-factions

Etherium, the upcoming PC-exclusive futuristic RTS game by Focus Home Interactive, has recently revealed new promotional images and details regarding the game’s subfactions and campaign.

In the world of Etherium, the primary focus revolves around the valuable resource known as Etherium. Players take on the role of leaders of one of three powerful factions: The Consortium, The Awakened of Intar, or The Vectides, all vying for control of the precious mineral.

The game’s single-player campaign offers a blend of elements inspired by popular franchises like Dune, Command and Conquer, and Starcraft. Players can expect a relatively non-linear storyline, giving them the freedom to explore and conquer various locations in the game world in any order they prefer.

While the core gameplay emphasizes base building and combat tactics, Etherium introduces additional depth through smaller NPC factions known as the Raiders, Parasites, and Guardians. These sub-factions bring unique characteristics to the game, offering diverse strategic options for players to employ in their quest for supremacy.

Each sub-faction possesses distinct traits – the Raiders exhibit brute strength and aggression, the Parasites overwhelm foes with their swarming tactics, and the Guardians are ancient automatons from a forgotten civilization. Players have the opportunity to not only battle these factions but potentially recruit or ally with them to enhance their tactical capabilities and strengthen their forces.

Focus Home Interactive and Tindalos Interactive are set to unveil more details about Etherium at the upcoming Gamescom event in Germany. Fans can anticipate further insights into the game’s features and gameplay mechanics as the developers continue to showcase their innovative RTS title.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on Etherium and immerse yourself in a futuristic world filled with strategic challenges and thrilling gameplay experiences.