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Exciting New Sci-Fi RTS Game “Etherium” Set to Release on March 25th

The highly anticipated real-time strategy (RTS) game, Etherium, from the developers of Stellar Impact, Tindalos Interactive, is finally set to hit the gaming world on March 25th. After being announced in early 2014, fans have eagerly awaited the release of this sci-fi game, and now the wait is almost over.

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Three Factions and Epic Battles Await in Etherium

The game features three distinct factions – The Consortium, The Intari, and The Vectides – engaging in fierce battles across the galaxy to control valuable deposits of the resource ‘etherium’. Players can immerse themselves in the Singleplayer ‘Conquest’ mode, where they lead one of these factions, each with unique characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, technologies, and special abilities.

“In Etherium, three empires are engaged in a merciless struggle to control a handful of planets that contain rich deposits of etherium, a mysterious resource coveted by all. Lead your chosen faction in multiplayer or solo campaign modes and engage in titanic battles to gain total control of the etherium!”

One of the most intriguing aspects of Etherium is the meta-game where players manage turn-based strategic decisions, akin to the mechanics found in the Total War series. By tactically deploying fleets, researching technologies, and planning conquests on the campaign map, players can influence the outcomes of the RTS battles by unlocking specific units they’ve researched.

“The three, non-linear solo campaigns in Etherium are dynamic, allowing you to plan your strategic conquests meticulously. Develop your tech tree, access new structures and units, unlock skills, and decide your next move on the RTS battlefield. Your goal is clear: dominate the etherium-rich planets and eliminate your rivals!”

Players can pre-order Etherium for a 10% discount on Steam for $26.99 and prepare to embark on an epic sci-fi RTS adventure when the game launches on March 25th. With its captivating gameplay mechanics, diverse factions, and dynamic campaigns, Etherium promises to deliver hours of strategic gaming excitement for RTS enthusiasts.