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Cryptocurrency Mining Post-Bitcoin | Hackaday

**Title: The Rise of Cryptocurrency Mining Beyond Bitcoin**

Cryptocurrency mining has evolved significantly since the days of using a personal computer to mine Bitcoin during spare CPU cycles. While the Bitcoin mining landscape has changed, there are still opportunities for average individuals to participate in the cryptocurrency market. With the price of GPUs decreasing, building a mining rig for alternative currencies like Ethereum has become more accessible.

In a recent post on Hackaday, Chris detailed his journey of building a cryptocurrency mining rig that was space-efficient and effective. The build involved using extruded aluminum for the frame and incorporating multiple GPUs for mining. Each GPU was installed vertically in the rack, with individual dedicated fans to ensure proper cooling. Additional components like a fan controller and plexiglass were added to the rig before it was up and running. However, some software tweaking was required to optimize the performance of all the GPUs.

While Chris’s build utilized tools that may be found in a makerspace, such as a mill and a 3D printer, the overall hardware used was still affordable for someone with a modest budget. The potential returns on investment are promising, especially if the value of Ethereum continues to rise. It is worth noting that the profitability of mining operations is also dependent on the cost of electricity, as high energy prices can eat into potential earnings.

As the cryptocurrency market expands beyond Bitcoin, enthusiasts are exploring mining opportunities with other digital assets like Ethereum. With the right hardware setup and a strategic approach, individuals can still participate in cryptocurrency mining even without the resources of large-scale operations. Stay tuned for more updates on the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency mining.