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Cryptocurrency miners are now bulk buying gaming laptops to mine Ethereum

Cryptocurrency miners have been on the hunt for powerful GPUs to mine Ethereum, leading to a surge in demand that has affected the gaming laptop market as well. Reports from Videocardz reveal that Chinese miners are now bulk buying gaming laptops equipped with Nvidia’s RTX 30 series GPUs to use for Ethereum mining.

The profitability of Ethereum mining on these GPUs has skyrocketed, prompting miners to pay inflated prices for graphics cards and now even investing in gaming laptops for mining purposes. This trend underscores how the cryptocurrency mining frenzy in 2021 has disrupted the GPU market for PC gamers and extended to the laptop sector.

With the value of Ethereum surpassing $1650 and Bitcoin over $40,000, the appeal of cryptocurrency mining has significantly increased in recent months. As a result, the strain on the availability of RTX 30 series gaming notebooks is expected to worsen, exacerbating the existing challenges in the PC gaming market.

Images depict stacks of gaming laptops repurposed for mining operations, highlighting the deviation from their intended use. The phenomenon is sparking discussions within the tech community, with forums like the OC3D Forums addressing the impact of cryptocurrency miners targeting gaming laptops.

The escalation of cryptocurrency mining activities, particularly in the gaming laptop segment, reflects the broader implications of the industry’s rapid growth and the challenges it presents to both gamers and manufacturers.