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TradingView Analysis: Short Ethereum Token Trade Ideas

If you’re following the 1X Short Ethereum Token (FTX:ETHHEDGEUSD) on TradingView, you might have come across a recent trade idea shared on the platform. Let’s delve into the insights provided by the trader and explore potential implications for Ethereum (ETH) based on the technical analysis.

Key Points from the Trade Idea:

  • Price retested resistance level at $1250 and bounced.
  • ETH reached a support zone and started consolidating.
  • Today, the price broke this support zone and is currently in a falling trend.

The analysis suggests that Ethereum might be experiencing a downward movement based on the breach of the support zone. Traders are speculating on potential further decline in the ETH price.

Trader’s Perspective:

The trader is seeking support from the trading community by asking for likes, comments, and questions. They aim to engage with other traders and provide insights into their analysis of the market conditions.

By sharing their trade idea on TradingView, the trader is contributing to the platform’s community and offering their perspective on the market movement for Ethereum. This type of collaborative analysis can benefit traders by providing different viewpoints to consider in their trading strategies.


As with any trading analysis, it’s essential to conduct your research and consider multiple factors before making trading decisions. The insights shared on TradingView regarding the short Ethereum token trade ideas can serve as a valuable resource for traders looking to stay informed about market trends and potential opportunities.

Remember to always practice risk management and use caution when trading volatile assets like cryptocurrencies. Stay updated on the latest market developments and leverage insights from platforms like TradingView to enhance your trading skills and decision-making process.